A Snowy Christmas

I've been dreaming of Snowy Christmas...as soon as I started hearing reports of this year's Snowy Owl irruption. Ah, the resplendent Snowy Owl! Sidekick to Harry Potter, this magical bird captures the whimsy of birders and non-birders alike. Snowys are the largest of North American Owls - a pound heavier than Great Horned Owls and 2X... Continue Reading →

Last Days

A lovely poem from student, colleague, and friend, Leslie Scott Harris. I deeply appreciate all of his BEES Garden inspired poetry, but this one in particular resonates with me at this moment in time. Last Days It’s cold now in December. I remember tender things like watching Mockingbirds assemble. Every member sings. Wishing it were... Continue Reading →

“Back, baby, back in tiiiime…”

Gillian Welch was referring to a man when she sang those lyrics, but I'm thinking back to wildflowers. To winter rains and superblooms and majestic California landscapes. 2017 has been.....oh goodness...well,many things to many people. The part I choose to reflect on is the spectacular blooms  following those winter rains that brought some relief after... Continue Reading →

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