A Big Day for Big Cats

I only have a few moments to spare, but I am too excited to share some cat photos. Our Kruger NP guide tempered our expectations of seeing big cats. Of course, they are a big draw to the park for many, but our primary focus is birds and cats are hard to predict. His last... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Birds

The thing about pursuing birds is that it takes you places you would otherwise not go. For example, a green patch in a random city park that I would otherwise never explore or a continent on the other side of the world. I'm not quite sure if I would've ever had the gumption or inspiration... Continue Reading →

Summer in South Africa

I have arrived in South Africa! My first time on the African continent and, I realized while disembarking the plane, my first time traveling internationally solo. The sleepless 15-hour flight (sans WiFi and outlets and with only ebooks) was a tad grueling, so my first day in Joburg was tinged with a bit of delirium.... Continue Reading →

2017 in Numbers

"For most of my life, I didn't pay attention to birds. Only in my 40s did I become a person whose heart lifts whenever he hears a grosbeak singing or a towhee calling and who hurries to see a golden plover that's been reported in the neighborhood, just because it's a beautiful bird, with truly golden plumage, and... Continue Reading →

Year of the Loggerhead Shrike

We spent the New Year holiday at the Salton Sea. The morning of New Year's Day was a lazy one but we discussed, with great anticipation, what our first bird of the year would be - an important omen for the upcoming year, according to many birders. I jokingly warned that I would close my... Continue Reading →

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